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Military Melbourne

Military Melbourne was founded in 1985 as a military specialist bookseller, as part of Andrew Barnes Booksellers in Prahran. Since that time it has expanded to be the largest single repository of military, aviation, naval & related books in the Southern hemisphere with a stock in excess of 150,000 books.

Military Melbourne has also been involved in the writing, production & publishing of several books relating to the Australian military experience; most notably battalion histories from the two world wars.

We are happy to search for scarce & hard to find titles within these areas, and travel through Australia & overseas in search of uncommon items.

Our excellent connections with other military-oriented internet booksellers also enables us to find & supply most requests for our customers.

Please visit our site regularly as we will be constantly listing & showcasing newly acquired titles as well as interesting items from the vaults.

Andrew Barnes

We are always looking to purchase collections & scarcer single items.
Contact 03 9580 1423 or e-mail andrew@militarymelbourne.com

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